28 August 2022 to 2 September 2022
Science and Technology Campus, University of Parma
Europe/Rome timezone
Registration now open for MuSR2020 Science Day


As a foretaste of the long delayed MuSR2020 conference (now planned to run Monday 29th August to Friday 2nd September, 2022, with a student day on Sunday 28th August), the meeting chairs are organising a MuSR2020 Science Day, to be held by Zoom 13/14 December, 2021. This is intended to highlight topical papers that have been published in the field since the last International Muon Conference.

Registration for the Science Day is now open. Further details about the event together with the registration form can be found at here.

We anticipate opening registration for the conference 16th May, 2022. More news will follow.

Both meetings are being jointly organised by the muon group at the University of Parma in Italy and the ISIS muon group at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK. They will cover all aspects of the use of muon spectroscopy in condensed matter, materials and molecular sciences, while also considering applications of muons in other areas, such as nuclear physics, cultural heritage and the study of single event failures arising from the irradiation of microelectronics.


Science and Technology Campus, University of Parma
University of Parma, Italy