28 August 2022 to 2 September 2022
Science and Technology Campus, University of Parma
Europe/Rome timezone
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Possible p-wave parity in Cr-based superconductor Pr$_3$Cr$_{10-x}$N$_{11}$

28 Aug 2022, 14:15
Aula dei Cavalieri, University Central Palace, via Università 12

Aula dei Cavalieri, University Central Palace, via Università 12

Oral Superconductivity Student Day


Changsheng Chen (Fudan University)


Superconductivity with a critical temperature $T_C$ $\sim$ 5.25 K was recently reported in the Cr-based superconductor Pr$_3$Cr$_{10-x}$N$_{11}$. The large upper critical field $H_{C2}$ $\sim$ 20 T, and the strong correlation between 3$d$ electrons derived from specific heat, suggest the unconventional superconductivity nature of this compound. We performed muon-spin rotation/relaxation ($\mu$SR) measurements on a high-quality polycrystalline of Pr$_3$Cr$_{10-x}$N$_{11}$ down to 0.027 K, and specific heat measurements under different magnetic fields up to 9 Tesla. Our $\mu$SR data indicate that time-reversal symmetry is broken in the superconducting state of Pr$_3$Cr$_{10-x}$N$_{11}$, and the superconducting energy gap is consistent with a $p$-wave model, which is also supported by the specific heat data.

Primary authors

Changsheng Chen (Fudan University) Wei Wu (Chinese academy of sciences) Chen Tan (Fudan University) Zihao Zhu (Fudan university) Yanxing Yang (Fudan University) Adrian Hillier (ISIS) Jian Lin Luo (Chinese academy of Sciences) Lei Shu (Fudan University)

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