28 August 2022 to 2 September 2022
Science and Technology Campus, University of Parma
Europe/Rome timezone
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Dipolar-Octupolar Quantum Spin Liquids in Ce-based Pyrochlores

31 Aug 2022, 12:00
Science and Technology Campus, University of Parma

Science and Technology Campus, University of Parma

University of Parma, Italy
Oral Spin liquids and related phenomena Invited Talks


Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University)


In geometrically-frustrated Ce-based pyrochlores, such as Ce$_2$Zr$_2$O$_7$, the effective S=1/2 of the Ce3+ crystal field ground state doublet is known to act both as a conventional dipole magnetic moment, and as an octupole. This constrains the form of its near-neighbour Hamiltonian, and allows for different ordered or quantum disordered ground states in this family of materials, where either the dipolar or octupolar nature of the S=1/2 degree of freedom dominates. I will describe recent experiments [1,2], mostly neutron scattering and heat capacity, which show how the nature of the Ce3+ ground state doublet can be revealed, and how a particular form of quantum spin liquid can be identified as the likely ground state in Ce$_2$Zr$_2$O$_7$.

Primary author

Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University)

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