ISIS Virtual Reflectivity Training Course




The virtual course is planned to run on four days (Tuesdays and Thursdays), from approximately 09:00 to 16:00 GMT each day, divided into two sessions, attended via Zoom. Each session will consist of a lecture, followed by demonstrations and hands-on guided practicals.
This training school will have a varied content suitable for novices and more experienced users (not limited to PhD students):

  • principles of reflectometry, including polarised neutron reflectometry
  • working principles of time-of-flight reflectometers (including a virtual guided tour)
  • data reduction principles
  • reflectivity fitting theory (model building approaches, fitting strategies etc)
  • error analysis techniques for reflectivity data
  • case studies for different science areas and using different fitting software
  • live interactive demonstrations and exercises using online resources,
    such as IDAaaS and Google Colab
  • live help and advice for users, who have already collected reflectivity data

For further information, please contact 
Max ( or Luke (