PPD R&D Regular Showcase Meeting

by PPD (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)

R61, CR03

R61, CR03

Agenda 25 May 2022

1. Fergus Wilson, Introduction, 10'

2. Fergus Wilson, Electron Ion Collider, 15 + 5'

The US Nuclear Science Advisory Committee Long Range Plan 2015 identified the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) as the highest priority new nuclear physics project in the United States.  Experiments will be able to address how the proton gets its spin, how hadrons acquire their mass from quarks that are almost massless, how gluons prevent quarks from being observed as free particles, and establish whether there are emergent forms of matter made of densely-packed gluons. I will talk about how PPD is involved.

3. Giulio Villani, ATLAS HVMUX, 15 + 5'

The currently adopted HV biasing solution in the ATLAS detector uses one HV conductor for each sensor. Due to space constraints and material budget considerations this approach is not viable for the Upgraded ATLAS Tracker.
 A solution, named HVMUX, that uses HV semiconductor switches of very high radiation hardness, has been successfully investigated. This solution is now baseline for the HV biasing of ATLAS Strip Tracker Upgrade. Detailed description of this project along with test results will be presented and discussed.

4. General discussion, PPD Staff, 10'