19-20 July 2021
Europe/London timezone


S&C Roadmap

20 Jul 2021, 13:10


S&C Roadmap: R&D Roadmap

  • Tim Scanlon (UCL)
  • Neil Chue Hong ()

S&C Roadmap: Research Technical Professionals

  • Neil Chue Hong ()
  • Tim Scanlon (UCL)


Discussions on how to frame the PPTAP Software & Computing Roadmap response, looking at key areas identified by previous roadmaps, reports and interviews with the community. The two main topics will be the balance between incremental and innovative R&D (including hardware accelerators and blue-skies R&D) and the role of research technical professionals (including RSEs).

Presentation Materials

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Neil Chue Hong, Tim Scanlon (UCL)
20/07/2021, 13:10
Neil Chue Hong, Dr Tim Scanlon (UCL)
20/07/2021, 14:00
Dr Harry Moss (UCL)
20/07/2021, 15:00
Neil Chue Hong
20/07/2021, 15:15
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