STFC Summer School March 2022

Daniel Doherty (University of Surrey) , Marina Petri (University of York)


Registration Deadline: 14 February 2022

School: 27th March - 3rd April 2022


Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Astrophysics, Hadron Physics, Reactions, Ground State Properties, Applications


  • Darek Seweryniak - Argonne National Laboratory (Experimental Nuclear Structure)
  • Alexandros Gezerlis - University of Guelph (Theory of Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics)
  • Heather Crawford - Berkeley National Laboratory (Experimental Nuclear Structure)
  • Gavin Lotay - Surrey (Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics)
  • Anu Kankainen - Jyväskylä (Nuclear Masses and Astrophysics)
  • Or Hen - MIT (Hadron Physics)
  • Dan Watts - York (Applications)
  • Tzany Kokalova - Birmingham (Clustering in Nuclei)
  • Mikhail Bashkanov - York (Hadron Physics)
  • Dolores Cortina - Santiago de Compostela (Nuclear Reactions, Experiment)
  • Alexis Diaz-Torres - Surrey (Nuclear Reactions, Theory)
  • Kieran Flanagan - Manchester (Laser Spectroscopy) 
  • Laura Harkness-Brennan - Liverpool (Applications)
  • Arnau Rios - Barcelona (Solving the Schrödinger equation with machine learning)
  • Christian Diget - York (Public Engagement) 
  • Marc Labiche - Daresbury (GEANT4 Tutorial)
  • Laura Moschini - Surrey (Theory Tutotial)
  • Peter Pauli - Glasgow (ROOT/ Data Analysis Tutorial)



The School will take place at the conference facilities of The University of Sheffield. 

Further information on the conference facilities and accommodation can be found here:

Evening sessions at Inox 

Day sessions at The Edge



Dan Doherty and Marina Petri
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