RAL Student Lecture: A personal view of the Higgs boson

by Bill Murray (STFC-RAL / Warwick)

Pickavance (RAL R22)

Pickavance (RAL R22)


Peter Higgs' conjecture of a radically different fundamental particle lead to a fifty year search which in 2012 resulted in the discovery of a new particle - one which has so far matched precisely the predictions from 1964. What have we learnt about the properties of this new particle and why are particle physicists agreed that detailed  studies are the highest priority for the next decades? What does it teach us about the role of mathematics in the Universe?

Prof. Bill Murray will review how the discovery was achieved, and what we can expect to learn about the Higgs boson from the coming years of the LHC. He is a member of the ATLAS collaboration who was closely involved in the first observation, and today is searching for additional Higgs bosons with other masses and couplings.