Triggering new discoveries: Advancements in Real-Time Analysis for Expanding Physics Reach at LHCb

by Dr. Brij Kishor Jashal (PPD)

R61 CR3 (RAL)

R61 CR3 (RAL)


For LHCb Run3 and beyond, the first stage of the trigger, the High-Level Trigger 1 (HLT1), has been implemented on Graphic Processor Units (GPUs) and is capable of reducing the visible collision rate from 30MHz to 1 MHz. These triggers are designed to identify events that could be of scientific interest and to discard events that are not relevant.

One alluring research avenue in particle physics is the study of Long-lived particles (LLPs). Many interesting decay modes involve strange particles with large lifetimes such as Λ or Ks. Exotic LLPs are also predicted in many new theoretical models. The selection and reconstruction of these LLPs is a challenge. These particles can decay far from the primary interaction vertex and are hard to select by the trigger systems of the experiments and difficult to isolate from the SM backgrounds.

In this seminar the Real Time Analysis paradigm and new trigger system of LHCb is introduced. Some of the key reconstruction and selection algorithms, which have been developed for highly parallel computing architectures, are presented. How these algorithms are instrumental in the studies and searches of LLPs from the SM and BSM are discussed.